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Our Mission

As a comprehensive commercial & consumer collection accounts receivable management firm, we have grown the right way and at a prosperous pace by contributing to our industry the highest quality service offerings. It is essential that our professional efforts and results facilitate our clients development, both in cash flow and expansion. This can only be accomplished by employing highly capable and skilled associates, placing them in positions for which they are best suited, and aligning them with our clients mission and as well as our own. Through our united successes, we truly provide value to our industry and therefore, our society. In short, our mission is to take the lead in shaping the perception of the collection agency as a valued supplier and contributor to business and community alike.

Our Strategy

The 4RCS approach is a very people-centric one. It takes an unwavering focus and commitment of leadership to make it work. 4RCS employs four key business strategies that shape our focus today:


Focus on B2B firmsand enterprise companies, with expertise in transportation, that desire a deep relationship with their receivables management partner.


Provide distinctive service and effective advice.


Hire and retain highly experienced and qualified receivables management services professionals.


Offer extraordinary service.

We have more than 100 years combined of experience handling B2B collections.

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Where to find us?

Florida: 954-530-1252

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