What ‘trust’ means to our clients:


Expert, ethical,and consistent execution by the agency


A healthy relationship i.e. mutual respect, they know and respect the rules and policies with which 4RCS operates, comfortable dialogue


Transparency – we know what you know , you know what we know regarding the business andaccounts for which we are responsible


Transparency – each team member knows and understands the thoughts and feelings of others regarding all work-related processes


Mutual respect for each other, regardless of responsibility or role


We align and move forward with a direction that has been discussed and considered by the entire 4RCS team and specifically the departments or individuals whom the direction will affect

What ‘trust’ means to the 4RCS team:


Our daily ‘approach ’ to our job and the expectations


We execute daily at the highest level possible; show up – step up daily for the team


We have a ‘Team-success’ mentality; we think in terms of the team’s success


We understand the big picture; go beyond immediate tasks and think of the big picture


We set goals and work hard to realize and exceed them


We have a daily routine and we track goals

Core Values

Actions count – not what’s on paper. 4RCS is a values-driven organization. From our hiring philosophy to our customer service, our goal is to demonstrate our values in every interaction.

At 4RCS Inc. we specialize in cutting edge technology with our forensic skip tracing abilities, we do Judgment Collections (Federal & Consumer), Commercial Collections (B2B), Transportation Collections (Air, Land & Sea) we also do Airline Collections (passenger debit memos and air cargo), Small Business Collections (Business to consumer) and International Collections. Our vast area of expertise allows being versatile in several areas of the business sectors. We are a full-service debt recovery firm that uses a network of attorneys to get your money recovered. Our contingency program can collect your debt with no upfront fees or costs to you. We have successfully shown some of our clients in excess of 50% collections on their debts.

  • Contingency based collections
  • Negotiable rates
  • No hassle reporting
  • 24/7 email access on hot files

4RCS Inc. strives to be an asset to our clients and their business customers as our main goal is to customize our collections program to ensure we are your home for all your debt recovery solutions.

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Client Satisfaction

Exceed client expectations in everything we do for them


Work together as a unified team. We address challenges together and win together.


1) Engage and interact with each 4RCS team member and our clients with the utmost respect and trust.

2)Execute our work with open and honest communication


Create strong relationships between all our members so that everyone feels comfortable to contribute in every way they can. This promotes a diversity of ideas, opinions, and viewpoints that give us a better chance of succeeding as a company.

Mutual Respect

Recognize and respect the uniqueness of others and treat them as you would have them treat you; we each earn respect by our actions


Steadfastness in all that we do despite difficulties that may delay achieving success.


Steadfastness in all that we do despite difficulties that may delay achieving success.


We will continuously improve our process to accommodate the changing needs of our clients and the industries we serve.


Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.


Where to find us?

Florida: 954-530-1252

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